Úvod FMEPCG 21000210


Title of the subject: Production logistics

Semester_of_study (WT – winter/ST – summer): WT

Learning outcomes: This course gives students knowledge of production logistics definition in the logistics business model in macrologistics and micrologistics models of a production company. The subject is focused mainly on planning and forecasting, capacity planning, orders logistics, operational planning and scheduling, balancing production lines, dispatching and operational evidence of production Specifically, it focuses on continuous - discrete manufacturing processes. Student after graduation should be able to work as a production logisticians, planners, operators of large technology, operations manager.

Brief content of course: Production Logistics, Definition of logistics, Object of logistics, Logistics of an enterprise, The structure of production logistics. Forecasting, Main characteristics, access and classification of forecast methods. Quantitative methods of forecast, Qualitative methods of forecast. Forecast errors. Production capacity planning, Determination of the size of production capacity, Determination of capacity strategies, Capacity balancing of production process. Custom Logistics, Registration of orders, technical, technological and economic assessment, aggregated (Capacity) planning, cumulation, batching, assignment of priorities. Operational management of the production process, operational planning - production scheduling, new trends for production scheduling, types of scheduling problems, Optimal utilization of the bottleneck. Scheduling problem as a sequence. Direct access to the sequence. Indirect approach to solving sequences products, balancing production lines. Basic Principles of heuristic models for production scheduling. The principles used in the development of heuristic model. Problem analysis, synthesis heuristic model design principles of heuristic model VR determine the optimal sequence of rules in production scheduling tasks - application of sequential application of the criteria. Dispatch management VP.

Literature: Wild Ray: Production and operations management, Cassell Educational Limited London, 1989, ISBN 0-304-31592-3 Malindžák D.: Production Logistic I., Štrofek Publishing, Košice, 1989, ISBN-80-88896-01-0