Úvod FMEPCG 21000585


Title of the subject: Modeling techniques in geological survey

Semester_of_study (WT – winter/ST – summer): WT

Learning outcomes: The aim of the subject is to increase computer literacy and to acquaint students with the basics of modeling in geology as a means for interpreting reality based on available observations and measurements. In the course of the course students will be acquainted with the various modeling procedures used in geology with the aim to create a three-dimensional geological object. The acquired knowledge is used extensively by students in the creation of diploma theses and subsequently in geological practice.

Brief content of course: 1. Introduction to the subject. Importance, concept and objectives of modeling in geology. 2. Types of data entering and importing modeling. 3. Creation of geological section based on drilling data and correlation of drilling data. 4. Creating a sequence of surfaces from point and line depth data. Interpolation methods and quality control of created surfaces. 5. Editing and operations applied to the surface sequence. 6. Time to depth conversion of seismic data. 7. Modeling the fault system. Basic features of breaks and operations. 8. Pillar grid. Definition of pillar network. Conversion of surface sequence to horizons. 9. Zoning and stratification of geological strata. Regularization of drilling data to a three-dimensional geological model (upscaling). 10. Three-dimensional modeling of fences within a geological model. 11. Modeling the internal attributes of the geological model and their conditional modeling. 12. Estimate of the volume of the geological object. Create a predefined workflow and use it to update the geological model after updating the current data.

Literature: Dubrule, O., 2003: Geostatistics for Seismic Data Integration in Earth Models. Distinguished Instructor Series. Volume No. 6. Society of Exploration Geophysics, U.S.A. ISBN 1-56080-121-2. Petrel Workflow Tools: Introduction course. Schlumberger Information Solution, 2007. Petrel Workflow Tools: Property modeling. Schlumberger Information Solution, 2007.