Úvod FMEPCG 2102601


Title of the subject: Commercial logistics

Semester_of_study (WT – winter/ST – summer): WT

Learning outcomes: The aim of the course is the description of the structure of commercial logistics. A marketing plan company follows the investment and marketing. It describes trajectory of material flows, administration, financial and information flows; business activities and their classification, purchasing, sales, marketing, purchase and sale, market situation analysis, processing sales forecasting, customer service, distribution of goods, distribution and purchasing channels, customer service. Custom Logistics deals with ordering goods, circulation of documents, billing, financial flows, receipt of materials, performance and service, claims, prior to contracting, contract of sale, delivery conditions, continuity of the production, delivery, evidence of performance, economic evaluation of the business case.

Brief content of course: - The position of commercial logistics in enterprise logistics system. - Logistics of Procurement. - Detection and coverage of needs. - Inbound logistics. - Logistics of supply. - Logistics of sales. - Custom-made logistics. - Logistics of distribution. - Customer service. - Documents and trade practices. - Logistics costs. - Case study - excursions.

Literature: Christopher M.: Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Creating Value-added Networks, Pearson UK, 2013. 288 pages Rosova, A.: Analysis of corporate logistic processes and their modelling / Andrea Rosová - 1. edition - Ostrava : VŠB TU Ostrava - 2013. - 95 p.. - ISBN 978-80-248-3206-7. Martin Christopher, Gordon Wills, Gordon Prestoungrange: Marketing logistics and distribution planning, Allen and Unwin, 1972, 392 pages Carlos Mena, Martin Christopher, Remko van Hoek: Leading Procurement Strategy: Driving Value Through the Supply Chain, 2014, Kogan page limited, ISBN 978 0 7494 7033 3 Mangan, J., Lalwani Ch., Butcher T.: Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Creating Value-added Networks, John Wiley and sons Ltd., UK 2008, ISBN 978 0 470 06634 8, 357 pages