Úvod FMEPCG 2107831


Title of the subject: Geo-informatics

Semester_of_study (WT – winter/ST – summer): WT, ST

Learning outcomes: To obtain the basic knowledge on informatics and geo-informatics. To understand the geo-information principles from a view of their specifics, space functions, development, as well as application trend. To obtain some practical knowledge in the geo-information methods and technologies sphere on a support of CAD/GIS. To know to describe the techniques, methods and structure of none-graphical data and systems in the data base management.

Brief content of course: The geo-information systems, GIS, ISU/LIS. The geo-information methods and technologies on a support of CAD/GIS, internet systems. The numerical and none-numerical data bases, the geographical space data bases, the digital maps, none-graphical data in CAD, the data bases management systems. The raster and representation of geo-objects. The high data, a terrain digital model. The modelling theory in geo-space, geo-model, geo-object. The commercial SW packs for GIS. The visions analyse.

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