Úvod FMEPCG 2111061


Title of the subject: Modelling of production processes

Semester_of_study (WT – winter/ST – summer): ST

Learning outcomes: The subject is focused on the description of the logistics objects – manufacturing, production, service processes-logistics chains and flows. It focuses on particular on homogeneous production processes in mining, metallurgy and building materials industry. Examines the definition, classification of production processes, organizational processes and product life cycle of the product and its relationship to the production process, relationship life cycle, innovation, integration and automation. It describes the modeling of manufacturing processes of network analysis, queuing systems and Markov chains.

Brief content of course: Production processes/PP/ - definition, definitions, classification PP, PP homogeneous. - Relationship production process - product, product strategy, types PP, PP positional strategy, product innovation model and PP. Relationship PP and organizational structure. - Modelling Basic Operations PP. - Types of elements and structure of PP and modelling. - Modelling Markov chains PP, PP as queueing systems. - Events PP systems for modelling, simulation models PP. - Deterministic and stochastic methods for modelling network analysis PP. - Methods of network analysis for repeated processes, Petri nets. - Balance models. - Location and organization of PP - PP allocation and layout. - Types of organizations P (DBR, MRP, Kanban, Just In Time). - Examples of models PP.

Literature: Dušan Malindžák, Výrobná Logistika I, Štroffek Košice 1997, ISBN 80-967636-6-0 Dušan Malindžák, Vratislav Šindler, Modelovanie výrobných procesov, ELFA s.r.o. Košice, 2001, ISBN 80-80966-15-1 Malindžák D.: Malindžák D.: Production Logistic I. ,Štrofek Publishing, Košice, 1989, ISBN-80-88896-01-0 Buffa, R. K. Sanin: Modern Production, Operations Management. J.Wiley&Sons Inc. 1987.