Úvod FMEPCG 2116771


Title of the subject: Technological processes of mining

Semester_of_study (WT – winter/ST – summer): WT, ST

Learning outcomes: The subject is focused at the technological process of deposit mining. Technological processes by mining activity are analysed and described a point of wiev the mining production phases and the all mining activities on the deposit.

Brief content of course: The systematical and mining charakteristic of production process by underground and surface mining. The mining activity and methods- coal, methallic and non-methallic deposit. Mining analyse of technological process by mining deposits opening, preparing and closing. The mines ;underground and surface, the mines structur, capacity of mines. The main mining system- the watter pumping, ventilation, transport and filling. Next technological processes- driling and blasting, mines equipment, loading, holoaguae and transport. The mine works activity on the mining block, the coal longwallface and open pit cut. LHD-technic system, optimalisation of mining transport. Using of mining mechanisation by the technologiocal processes, the modern and progresiv equipment. Visualisation and monitoring of raw materials move on the underground and open pit operates. Marketing and bissines of minerals product, the world mining company on the mineral trade systems. The economical evaluation of the mining process and qualitativ/quantitativ parameters of mining.

Literature: [1] Neset, K. a kol.: Hornická příručka , SNTL/ALFA, Praha 1973. , [2] Trnka, O. a kol.: Dobývaní ložisek , SNTL/ALFA, Praha,1968,