Úvod FMEPCG 2121794


Title of the subject: Financial investment

Semester_of_study (WT – winter/ST – summer): WT, ST

Learning outcomes: Goal of the financial investment is to make known modern tools and technics for business with financial derivats and strategies of financial investment. Practice needs to create new spaces in area of finances, and therefore it is neccessary to react to the dynamical changes on the market.

Brief content of course: 1. Definition of finances, development of world´ s finances, characteristics of investment, theory of decision, financial market. Rules and advices for investment, goal and process of investment. 2. Criteria of FI ; risk, inflation, theory of interest, financial mathematics, time value of the money 3. Type of securities, revenue from security, methods for FI evaluation, way for securities ´emission 4. Capital budgeting, strategies for creation of securities ´portfolio 5. System of investment on the financial market, bank system in Slovakia, insurance market, investment funds, international financial market 6. Terminated contracts, option, swap, trading, arbitrage and security strategies 7. Specifics for investments ; leasing, factoring, fortfaiting, donation, merger of the firms, capital funds 8. collective investment, firm´s combination, burse.

Literature: Mlynarovič, V.: Financial modeling. EU Bratislava, 1995. Vlachynský, K.: Financial engineering. EU Bratislava, Vyd.Ekonóm, 1997. Jílek, J.: Terminated and option business. Grada, Praha, 1995.