Úvod FMEPCG 2123481


Title of the subject: Safety systems of underground

Semester_of_study (WT – winter/ST – summer): WT, ST

Learning outcomes: The main goal the subject is to give for the students the basic information about existing technical systems, which are to use in underground. The underground technical systems enable building and operating the tunnel and engineering construction. The subject deals with main and next necessary systems, which they are very imported for the continues operating in underground.

Brief content of course: The introduction on the technological part of the subject. Hydrogeological and geological conditions by underground constructions. The basic principal of technical systems using. Technical draining and pumping system. Technical haulage and transport system. Technical ventilation and climatisation system. Technical Rescue, Fire and Safety Engineering system. Monitoring and audiosystem. The providing of the underground operating.

Literature: [1] Neset, K. a kol.: Hornická příručka , SNTL/ALFA, Praha 1973. , [2] Trnka, O. a kol.: Dobývaní ložisek , SNTL/ALFA, Praha,1968,