Úvod FMEPCG 2125653


Title of the subject: Condensed field courses (Mining-geological maping)

Semester_of_study (WT – winter/ST – summer): WT, ST

Learning outcomes: Acquirement of basic practical knowledge and grasp in the realm of Mining geology and Reserve calculation

Brief content of course: The aim of this field teaching is a practical verification of theoretical knowledge acquired on the lectures of Mining geology and Reserve calculation for concrete deposit. The students will be acquainted with forms and methods of mining ; geological documentation during five day of field teaching. All teaching time is spent in mine and its outcome is Final report from mining ; geological mapping.

Literature: Blišťan, P. a Kondela, J., 2001: Basics of Mining Geology and Reserve Calculation.. Elfa, s.r.o., Košice, Slovakia, 98p., (in Slovak). Bőhmer, M. a Kužvart, M., 1993: Prospecting and Mineral Exploration. SPN, Bratislava, Slovakia, 494p., (in Slovak). Paukt, F. a Bouček, B. (1975): Practical exercise from grology. SPN, Praha, Czech Republic, 126 s. (in Czech)Pluskal, O. a Vaněček, M., 1982: Mineral reserve calculation. KU, Praha, Czech Republic, 202p. (in Czech).Pouba, Z. (1959): Geological mapping. Publisher of Science academy of Czechoslovakia, Prag, Czech Republic, 523p., (in Czech). Law number 313/1999 LC of geological work and state geological service (geological law). Ordinance of Environmental Department of Slovak Republic number 141/2000 LC for pursuance of geological law. Ordinance of Slovak Geological SGU number 6/1992 LC of classification and reserve calculation