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Title of the subject: Technology of Automotive Production I

Semester_of_study (WT – winter/ST – summer): WT

Learning outcomes: The student gets information about progressive materials and their processing technologies. Knowledge about the possibilities of weight reduction of car components and energy consumption for their production. Design principles for automotive plastic, metal and non-metal powders and sheet metal.

Brief content of course: 1. Guidelines for interim and final evaluation of the subject. Current trends in car body design. Future trends in automotive body materials 2. Materials used in the manufacture of automotive parts (high-strength steel, aluminum and its alloys, magnesium and its alloys, plastics, composites). 3. Testing of mechanical and technological properties . 4. Technology used in the production of ultra-light body parts. Fine blanking (principle, design guide for fineblanking process, selection of press for fine blanking, design of fine blanking tools, etc.). 5-6. Technologies used in the production of ultra light body parts. Hydromechanical forming of sheets, tubes and profiles - hydroforming (basic principles, principles of technology, machine selection, design of hydromechanical dies). 7. Laser welded blanks, laser forming, ultrasonic forming. 8. Superplastic forming (principle, design and technological characteristics, machine selection, technology assessment of the stamped parts manufacturing). 9. Forging materials and auto parts precision forging technologies (basic principles, principles of technology, machine selection, die design). 10-11. Powder metallurgy technologies for production of components made from mixture of metal powders (basic principles, technology principles selection of machine, design of dies) . 12. Technologies of injection moulding of plastic products (basic principles, technology principles, selection of machine, design guides for injection mouldings, etc.). Non-conventional manufacturing technologies of dies. 13. CAD/CAE technologies for design of car components. CAPP systems supporting the technological production preparation. Practice topics: 1.-2. Requirements to obtain the course credit. Introduction to the problems. Testing of properties of materials used in automotive production (anisotropy, strain hardening exponent). 3. Testing of the properties of materials used in automotive production (testing of mechanical and technological properties ). 4. Design of technology for the production of fine blanking parts (or hydroformed components, forgings, injection moulded plastic parts, etc .). 5.- 8. Calculation of construction and technological parameters and selection of machines . 9. -11. Computer-aided tooling design. 12.-13. Working-out of the project. Assignment of the credit.

Literature: ASHBY, MICHAEL; HUGH SHERCLIFF AND DAVID CEBON (2007). Materials: engineering, science, processing and design (1st ed.). Butterworth-Heinemann. ISBN 978-0-7506-8391-3. GROOVER, M.P: Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing (materials, processes, and systems. John Wiley and Sons, NewYork, 2010. ISBN 978-0470-467002 Schuller:Metal forming handbook. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg New York, 1998. ISBN 3-540-61185-1