Úvod FME 23004510


Title of the subject: The processing and waste recycling

Semester_of_study (WT – winter/ST – summer): WT

Learning outcomes: Students will get acquainted with the strategy of waste management in the Slovak Republic and the EU. Emphasis will be placed on waste minimization and recycling. They will get acquainted with the meaning of the term recycling but also with the objects, processes, results, and carriers of recycling. They will learn new directions in waste management, small-waste and non-waste technologies, resp. so-called cleaner technologies.

Brief content of course: Lecture topics: 1. Legislation concerning waste - Act 409/2006 Coll., 223/2001 Coll. 2. Basic terms, and definitions. 3. Waste management program. 4. Waste catalogue. 5. Waste management, municipal waste. Separate collection systems. 6. Landfills, reclamation, landfill remediation. 7. Biological waste treatment, composting. 8. Waste incineration. 9. Recycling technologies and glass recycling. 10. Recycling technologies and plastics recycling. 11. Recycling technologies and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. 12. Recycling technologies for the recycling of old (used) vehicles. 13. New trends in waste management. Practice topics: 1. Introductory exercise, conditions for granting credit, and acquaintance with the assignment. 2. Determining the location of the MSW collection, and analysis of its current collection. 3. Calculation of the annual amount of waste in a given locality. 4. Determination of the number and types of containers. 5. Monthly fee for removal - its calculation. 6. Analysis of MSW composition, and determination of the number of individual components. 7. Economic evaluation of waste collection. 8. Economic evaluation of waste removal to the processor. 9. Construction of MSW sorter, costs, technical and economic parameters. 10. Return on investment, chart, the estimate of future returns. 11. Idea proposals for solving the problem of processing MSW in the specified location. 12. Defending and presenting the results of the semester assignment, and repair of the continuous written check. 13. Final test. Granting of graded credit.