Úvod FME 23004577


Title of the subject: Turbines, Turboblowers, Fans

Semester_of_study (WT – winter/ST – summer): WT

Learning outcomes: The student will become familiar with basic principles of steam, gas and water turbines. He/she will be familiar with the thermodynamic foundations of thermal cycles in heat turbines and hydromechanics in water turbines. He/she will be introduced to the characteristics of individual types of turbines and also the calculation of basic thermal, hydraulic and structural parameters. He/she will be familiar with individual types of fans, fan drives, operating conditions, installation, operation, maintenance and economy of operation. At the end of the course the student will be able to analyze the suitability of the construction of the machines for selected parameters (location, flow ...) and determine the operating characteristics and control of the analyzed machines. He/she will learn to determine the proper operation of machines and their maintenance.

Brief content of course: Lectures: 1. Introduction to the theory of blade (vane) machines. Their division and classification, field of application and working conditions. 2. Steam turbine, their division and types. 3. Comparative steam turbine cycle. 4. Comparative steam turbine cycle. 5. Construction and energy balance of a steam turbine. 6. Turbines for heat and power plants. Requirements for turbines in heat and power plants. Combined cycle. 7. Gas turbine. Division and types. Construction and heat balance of a gas turbine. 8. Turbochargers - definition, division, description, thermodynamics turbocharger efficiency and performance. 9. Basics of theory and operation of water turbines. 10. Kaplan and Pelton turbine. 11. Francis, banki and other types of water turbines. 12. Fans. Semester assignments defending. 13. Fans operation in the pipeline network, marking of fans in the technical documentation. Exercises: 1. Basic formulae from thermodynamics in the theory of blade machines. Conversion of thermal energy to mechanical energy, law of conservation of energy. 2. Idealized Clausius-Rankin steam cycle. 3. Thermodynamic efficiency calculation of a steam turbine. 4. Clausius-Rankin steam cycle with reheating of steam. 5. Clausius-Rankin steam cycle with reheating of steam. 6. Control test. 7. Brayton cycle and cycle with regeneration. 8. Calculation of basic operating variables for a turbocharger. 9. Energy conditions of a dam. Relationships between slope, flow and power, efficiency of water turbines. 10. Calculation of efficiency, speed, water turbine absorption capacity. 11. Calculation of water turbine power. 12. Final control. 13. Credit.

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