Úvod FME 23004657


Title of the subject: Theory and design of transport and building machinery

Semester_of_study (WT – winter/ST – summer): WT

Learning outcomes: To deepen information from the theory and construction of transport and construction machines with emphasis on their practical engineering use

Brief content of course: lectures: 1. Calculation of operating parameters of transport and construction machines 2. Cyclically operating transport and handling equipment 3. Cranes - their classification according to various criteria 4. Design and operational characteristics of cranes 5. Construction and operation of elevators 6. Continuously operating transport and handling equipment 7. Long-distance belt transport 8. Vertical transport of bulk materials 9. Chain conveyors 10. Gravity and driven roller tracks 11. Kinematics and dynamics of vibrating transport 12. Theoretical principles of construction and operation of construction and earthmoving machinery 13. Development trends in the field of mobile working machines exercises: 1. Detailed classification of transport and handling equipment 2. Physical and technical properties of bulk and piece materials 3. Examples of application possibilities of cranes and lifting mechanisms 4. Calculation of static stability of jib cranes, load capacity diagram 5. Checking the traction capacity of the rope pulley of the elevator machine 6. Diagrams of motion resistances of belt conveyors 7. Test 8. Analysis of drop conditions on the head of a bucket elevator 9. Calculations of link and overhead chain conveyors 10. Calculations of horizontal and vertical redlers 11. Detailed classification of mobile working machines 12. Drives of mobile working machines 13. Application possibilities of mobile working machines

Literature: 1. David E. Mulcahy: Materials Handling Handbook, McGraw-Hill Professional; 1st edition, 1998,768 pages, ISBN‎ 978-0070440142 2. Jacob Fruchtbaum: Bulk Materials Handling Handbook, Springer Science & Business Media, 2013, ISBN 9781475746952, 488 pages 3. Melissa Reve: Transport Machines: A Big Machines Book, Enlighten Press, 2020, ISBN 9781925547610