Are you an employee coming from outside the EU and EEA and travel to Slovakia (TUKE)?

Travelling for mobility to Slovakia (TUKE)

Types of Staff Mobility

The Erasmus + program allows university employees to use these types of mobility activities:

Teacher mobility for teaching purposes (STA) – the aim is to teach at the host institution. The number of hours worked is 8 in 5 days, in the case of longer mobility, the numbers are calculated according to the key specified by Brussels. The teacher has to take his / her teaching mobility over a semester at our university and not through an exam period!

Staff mobility for training purposes (STT) – the goal is to enable participants to learn through the transfer of knowledge or know-how and gain practical experience. The result should be professional growth of the employee. Activities can be different: training, study visit, joint work, work groups, job shadowing, and so on. Participation in conferences is not allowed!

Combined staff mobility (STA + STT) – This is a combination of STA and STT mobility activities, which should ideally be done at the same receiving institution.

Duration of stay

Length of stay: minimum 5 + 2 days per travel (regardless of the actual travel time). Employee receives a grant for all days together, so also for the stay and for the travel. The maximum length is 60 + 2 days per travel.

Amount of grants for staff mobility

Individual support: for projects approved after 2018 is 140 EUR / day until 14 days of travel, since 15th day it is 70% of 140 EUR.

Travel costs

The amount of the travel allowance depends on the distance between the sending and the receiving institutions. The calculator is published on the European Commission’s website.

Distance zones amounts
Between 10 – 99 km = 20 €
Between 100 – 499 km = 180 €
Between 500 – 1999 km = 275 €
Between 2000 – 2999 km = 360 €
Between 3000 – 3999 km = 530 €
Between 4000 – 7999 km = 820 €
8000 km or more = 1500 €

Selection criteria for employees

In preparation.

Before departure

Selected candidates, based on background information from the contact person at the home institution, will contact the Erasmus + PK Coordinator to administer his / her travel and provide the following documents at least one month before the mobility:

  • call for mobility at home university web page published for at least 14 days ( print screen)
  • minutes from selection procedure at home institution heading paper (signed and sealed) dated after the deadline published within call on home university web page
  • application form dated within open call
  • program form dated within open call
  • CV
  • acceptance letter – provided by receiving faculty of the TUKE
  • copy of passport (page with photograph)
  • electronic flight ticket or bus/train ticket
  • number of insurance policy and its scan

Please check with closest embassy of the Slovak Republic which supporting documents we can help with when obtaining visa if applicable.

Please prepare these above mentioned documents with assistance of your contact person from the TUKE academic staff and always let us see the documents electronically before signatures. All data should be put in the online system – EU mobility tool – that calculates the days of mobility, number of teaching hours and grant.

Accommodation will be recommended by appointed staff at the receiving faculty (either student hostel or hotel according to your preferences).

Grant agreements will be signed with selected candidates, an approved grant is subsequently paid to the employee.

Grant can be sent to a bank account in home country (2 instalments 80% + 20%) if there is enough time before mobility. Or incoming employee can open a bank account here in Slovakia and receive 100% of the grant upon arrival.

Certificate of stay will be provided by the TUKE prior finishing their mobility.

Travel tickets as well as accommodation are provided by the employee himself in compliance with the criteria of efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency in managing public funds.

Every mobility participant is required to have travel insurance valid for the duration of the mobility.

Using your own motor vehicle

In case you do not use public means of transport and decide to use own motor vehicle for foreign working trip it is necessary to submit the following documents:

a copy of the technical card,

a copy of the emergency insurance.

After returning from mobility

The employee shall provide a travel and accommodation document stating the time of departure to and arrival at the place of residence and all related documents generated during the mobility.

Certificate of stay from the receiving institution on completion of a lecture / training session is given to the employee before his/her departure.

The employee fills in the mobility report – online at the latest by the date specified by the system. The EU portal will send each participant an e-mail link through which the report can be filled in. The ERASMUS + Coordinator has the option to read the report online.