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Who can apply for an Erasmus+ study mobility?

All full-time students of the TUKE who have completed at least the first year of the bachelor study.

Duration of stay

Length of stay: 3 – 12 months. Under the terms of the Erasmus+ program, a student can undergo Erasmus+ mobility at the total length of the max. 12 months (length of all study sessions plus duration of all Erasmus+ internships at one level of study).

Grant amount

700 EUR per month + travel costs by distance calculator

Distance zones Amounts
Between 10 – 99 km 20 €
Between 100 – 499 km 180 €
Between 500 – 1999 km 275 €
Between 2000 – 2999 km 360 €
Between 3000 – 3999 km 530 €
Between 4000 – 7999 km 820 €
8000 km or more 1500 €


Possibility to use special grant, more info on: (page 8,9)

Student selection criteria

A) Academic results – max. 25 points
B) Language competence – max. 25 points
C) Cover letter in English language – max. 10 points
D) Student activity at his/her faculty

More available in this document.

Application procedure
  1. Select the institution where the student wants to undergo study mobility
    – the student selects from the current mobility announced calls to a partner schools from the list of valid partner contracts of the faculty concerned and takes into account the areas listed in each school. When choosing a partner institution, you can consult with the ERASMUS+ faculty coordinator. If the application is submitted within the additional selection of students, it is also necessary to consult the faculty coordinator about the free capacity at the partner schools.
  2. Completion of Erasmus+ student application for student mobility for study purposes – the application together with all annexes must be submitted within the specified deadline to the faculty coordinator.
  3. After successful selection of the student enrolled by his/her faculty, the student will be contacted by Erasmus+ Coordinator on the meeting for selected students, where he will be instructed how to proceed.
Before leaving
  • The student communicates with the partner school and proceeds according to their instructions.
    • In preparation for study abroad, the student, in co-operation with the faculty  Erasmus+ coordinator, will prepare a Learning Agreement – after consultation with the vice-dean for education of the relevant faculty – which he then sends for the approval and signature to a partner foreign school. The student’s study program is addressed to the receiving institution – the list of subjects the student is going through during his / her stay abroad, as well as the list of subjects he / she will be recognized at his / her TUKE faculty after returning.
    /We recommend paying special attention to this agreement to avoid misunderstandings – it is important when selecting courses at a partner school to ensure that the student chooses only the subjects taught in the relevant semester at the faculty with which the contract is concluded. We also recommend faculties that the learning agreement is prepared in close cooperation with heads of departments, guarantors of subjects, as well as with educators who are involved in the teaching of the student./
  • The student will apply for a European Health Insurance Card, valid for the duration of the stay.
  • Student recalls commercial healthcare insurance abroad – contracts must be valid for the entire duration of the stay and cover must cover all days of stay.
  • Under the instructions of the coordinator, the student signs a contract for financial support for mobility.
Upon arrival at a partner university

In the event that selected subjects within the Learning Agreement are not taught upon arrival at a recipient foreign university, the student will request a list of real-offered subjects and contact the ERASMUS + Coordinator representative to agree on the changes to be made in the During mobility section in the Learning Agreement. Upon confirmation of the relevant changes, the student will secure the approval and confirmation of the document from the receiving institution and send the document to ERASMUS+ the coordinator at the TUKE.

After returning from mobility

After returning from the study mobility, the student passes the following documents:

  • ERASMUS+ Mobility Certificate – Study
    The start and end date of the study should be the same as the ERASMUS+ Mobility Duration in the ERASMUS+ Grant Agreement (in case of a shorter duration confirmation, the student is required to return an aliquot of the grant awarded). You need to bring the original of the form.
  • A Transcript of Records record of a foreign institution with ECTS credits, including a description of the marking system of a given university – bring to the Study Department and then, according to the instruction of the Study Department, recalls the recognition of the subjects.
  • After Mobility part of the Learning Agreement, which will list the successful subjects at a partner school and the real recognized subjects at the TUKE. The correctness of the data is confirmed with the signature of the faculty coordinator/ vice-dean for  education of the relevant faculty.
  • ERASMUS mobility report. ERASMUS + Mobility Management is completed by the student through the European Union’s online tool. Information on the access to the report and the direct link to fill the message gets the student to his/her email address.
  • Online language test – the student will complete the final language test in the online tool of the European Union

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