31 Jul 2023

Erasmus+ mobility for TUKE staff in the academic year 2023/2024

Dear TUKE staff,

The TUKE Department of International Relations and Mobility is launching an Erasmus+ call for applications for academic, research and non-academic staff of TUKE for Erasmus+ mobility in the academic year 2023/2024.

Please note that thanks to TUKE’s membership in the ULYSSEUS Alliance of European Universities, TUKE employees also have the opportunity to participate in staff mobility offered by our Alliance.

It is also possible to apply for a mixed intensive programme, the so-called BIP.

The ULYSSEUS mobility offer is continuously updated, for more information please visit: https://ulysseus.eu/partners-short-courses/

Interested applicants have the opportunity to submit a completed application form with the required attachments by 11.09.2023 to the faculty coordinators of the programme.

The application form for the purpose of teaching must be accompanied by a teaching programme (staff mobility agreement – teaching) signed by the applicant, the receiving as well as the sending institution.

A staff mobility agreement (training) signed by the applicant, the receiving and the sending institution must be attached to the application for training.

The selection of mobility participants will be made on a first-come, first-served basis after evaluation of the applicant’s application according to the applicable criteria (selection criteria and further information on staff mobility can be found HERE).

Supported activities:

– Teacher mobility for the purpose of teaching at a partner HEI /minimum 8 teaching hours; 2-5 days/,

– Mobility of HEI staff to enterprises for training purposes – exchange of theoretical and practical experience /2-5 days/,

– Mobility of administrative, non-teaching and teaching staff of HEIs to a foreign HEI for the purpose of training – improvement of their working qualities /2-5 days/.

The list of partner universities by faculties is published on the website https://erasmus.tuke.sk/destinations/, while mobility for training purposes does not require an inter-institutional agreement between the universities.

Erasmus+ funding will allow mobility for a maximum of 5 working days, Monday to Friday.