The Erasmus+ grant is a contribution towards your mobility-related travel and living costs. The amount can vary depending on the differences in the cost of living between your country and the destination country, the number of students applying for the grant, the distance between countries and the availability of other grants.

Grant amounts and fixed rates for exchanges between participating and partner countries are updated each year and published in the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.

As an Erasmus+ student, you will be free of study, registration and examination fees, as well as fees for access to the host institution’s laboratories and libraries.

For participants with a lack of opportunities and participants with disadvantages (economic, health, etc.) there is the possibility to benefit from a financial contribution under the inclusion aspect.

Definition of barriers for students with fewer opportunities

  • Disability (physical, mental, intellectual)
  • Health problems (illness, chronic disease)
  • Barriers related to the education and training system (individuals who have difficulty performing in education and training, if the structure of the curriculum makes mobility difficult)
  • Cultural differences (migrant or refugee background, minorities, language problems)
  • Social barriers (limited social competencies, social marginalisation, first in the family to access higher education, family circumstances)
  • Economic barriers (low income, students who have to work to support themselves, dependence on the welfare system)
  • Barriers related to discrimination (gender, age, ethnicity, religion, belief, sexual orientation, disability)

Geographical barriers (living in remote or rural areas, less accessible/developed areas)



  • Increase for long-term traineeships = 150 € per month
  • Increase for lack of opportunities = 250 € per month for short-term mobility up to 15 days = 100 € top-up for short-term mobility 15-30 days = 150 € top-up
  • Inclusion support based on real costs (= special needs)
  • Top-up € 50 in case of green travel + possibility of max. 4 extra IS days per trip