Jul 2023

A Memorable Experience of Growth and Friendship

Erasmus is, without a doubt, a memorable experience, capable of enriching us at different levels: personal, academic and social.


from Portugal

Rating of Erasmus experience

Firstly, it is an experience that pushes us out of our comfort zone, and that is good! For most (and in my case), living outside their country, even if for a few months, for the first time, is something new and a big change that is approaching. And so it was. It is, therefore, an experience that develops our ability to adapt to new realities.

It also gives the amazing possibility to meet and live with new people, with whom true bonds of friendship are established, bonds that remain. With them we live Erasmus: we travel, cook, play sports, party, hike, get to know the country that receives us, and get to know new cities.

Finally, studying at a new university allows us to learn new content and to be in constant contact with the foreign language (English), practice it and improve its fluency.

Erasmus is a challenge to be embraced with all the motivation, because with it, comes the opportunity to grow, learn and live! “