Call for BIP mobility for staff (Budapest, Hungary)

Mar 14, 2024Staff

The Department of International Relations and Mobility of TUKE announces a call for applications for academic staff interested in pedagogical support for the implementation of a mixed intensive programme (BIP) organized by the partner institution Óbuda University in Budapest (Hungary) in the period from 8 to 12 April 2024 under the title Young Researchers’ Academy for Green Cities.

This BIP is intended for university students. More information about the activity can be found here:


The activity is intended for TUKE academic staff who will be involved in the content preparation for this activity.

Maximum number of participants: 3


Applications can be submitted to the faculty coordinators until 20.3.2024.


This call is open only to staff mobility for teaching purposes in accordance with the Erasmus+ rules. For more information, please visit


Required attachments to the application form:

Staff Mobility Agreement

Supporting documents for the preparation of the travel order (including annexes in accordance with the internal travel directive)

– Proof of purchase of travel insurance for the period of mobility (including outward and return travel)



– The application form must be signed by the staff member and his/her supervisor, who by his/her signature agrees to send the staff member on mobility

– The Staff Mobility Agreement document must be signed by all 3 parties (participant, TUKE faculty coordinator and the faculty coordinator of the receiving institution) at the time of application

The application form can only be submitted with complete attachments!