Call for student mobility in the academic year 2023/2024

Mar 8, 2023Calls, Students

The TUKE International Relations Office announces a call for applications for Erasmus+ student mobility for study purposes. Deadline for applications: 20 March 2023. Applications must be submitted to the office of your Erasmus+ Faculty Coordinator.

Application process:

  1. Choose your host institution from the list of the valid partner agreements of your faculty, take into account the fields of study given in the agreements. You may wish to consult your faculty coordinator before choosing the partner institution.
  2. The application form for a student Erasmus+ study mobility, together with all the necessary attachments, must be submitted to the faculty coordinator by the submission deadline given in the call for applications.
  3. After your application is approved by the representatives of your faculty, they will forward your nomination to the TUKE International Relations Office and we will send it to the university of your choice (indicated in your application).