Courses – Faculty of Arts

SK KOSICE03: Courses – Faculty of Arts, TUKESemesterStudy cycleECTS creditsCode of subject
Drawing Course I. Arch.WTBachelor32700033
Drawing Course II. Arch.STBachelor32700043
Creative Geometry II.WTBachelor32700063
Presentation Techniques I.WTBachelor32700123
Drawing Course III.WTBachelor42700243
Theory and Methodology of Design I.WTBachelor22700451
Theory and Methodology of Design II.STBachelor22700461
Presentation Techniques II.STBachelor32700563
Atelier of architecture I.WTBachelor92700833
Basic atelier  of architecture I.WTBachelor82700873
Basic atelier  of architecture II.STBachelor82700883
Basic studio III. – PaintingWTBachelor132701763
Basic studio IV. – PaintingSTBachelor132701773
Shaping I.WTBachelor52701983
Evening Drawing I.WTBachelor32702203
Evening Drawing II.STBachelor32702213
Art Photography I.WTBachelor32702223
Art Photography II.STBachelor32702233
Design Management and Marketing IWTBachelor32702283
DTP and Prepress I.WTBachelor32702293
DTP and Prepress II.STBachelor32702303
Basic studio V. – PaintingWTBachelor182703363
Basic studio VI. – PaintingSTBachelor112703373
Fount and Typograhy I.WTBachelor32703503
Fount and Typograhy II.STBachelor32703513
Design Management and Marketing IISTBachelor32703643
Basic studio VII. – PaintingWTBachelor122703893
Architectonical detail I.WTBachelor32704203
Architectonical detail II.STBachelor32704213
Atelier of architecture III.WTBachelor102704423
Atelier of architecture IV.STBachelor102704433
Atelier of architecture V.WTBachelor112704453
Atelier of interior and designSTBachelor52704493
3D computer animation I.WTBachelor32705313
3D computer animation II.STBachelor32705323
Photo Techniques and Technologies I.WTBachelor32705333
Photo Techniques and Technologies II.STBachelor32705343
Studio photography/ Portrait, figureWTBachelor32705353
Documentary photographySTBachelor32705363
 Virtual shaping I. (Open source Blender)WTBachelor32705393
 Virtual animation I. (Open source Blender)STBachelor32705403
Rapid prototyping CNC I.WTBachelor32705453
Rapid prototyping CNC II.STBachelor32705463
Interactive medias I.WTBachelor22705473
Interactive medias II.STBachelor22705483
Computer grahic II.STBachelor32706073
Basic studio II. – PaintingSTBachelor62706333
Basic studio I. – GraphicWTBachelor62706343
Basic studio II. – GraphicSTBachelor62706353
Basic studio III. – GraphicWTBachelor132706363
Basic studio V. – GraphicWTBachelor182706383
Basic studio VI. – GraphicSTBachelor112706393
Basic studio VII. – GraphicWTBachelor122706403
Drawing Course IV.STBachelor42706433
Basic studio I. – SculptureWTBachelor62706453
Basic studio II. – SculptureSTBachelor62706463
Basic studio III. – SculptureWTBachelor132706473
Basic studio IV. – SculptureSTBachelor132706483
Basic studio V. – SculptureWTBachelor182706493
Basic studio VI. – SculptureSTBachelor112706503
Basic studio VII. – SculptureWTBachelor122706513
Drawing Course I.WTBachelor52706533
Drawing Course II.STBachelor52706543
Basic studio I. – New MediaWTBachelor62706593
Basic studio II. – New MediaSTBachelor62706603
Basic studio III. – New MediaWTBachelor132706613
Basic studio IV. – New MediaSTBachelor132706623
Basic studio IV. – New MediaWTBachelor182706633
Basic studio VI. – New MediaSTBachelor112706643
Basic studio VII. – New mediaWTBachelor122706653
Introduction to Theory of New Media and Intermedia I. TWTBachelor32706711
Introduction to Theory of New Media and Intermedia II. TSTBachelor32706721
Type and Typography I.WTBachelor32708563
Type and Typography II.STBachelor32708573
Drawing for Design I.WTBachelor42708603
Drawing for Design II.STBachelor42708613
Basic studio I. – PaintingWTBachelor62708653
Computer Graphics for Design II.STBachelor32708683
Creative Geometry I.STBachelor32709053
Computer Graphics for Design I.WTBachelor32709063
3D Modelling and Visualization IWTBachelor32709093
3D Modelling and Visualization IISTBachelor32709103
Design Atelier I – InnovationWTBachelor122709143
Design Atelier II – Visual CommunicationSTBachelor122709163
Design Atelier III – IndustrialWTBachelor132709173
Design Atelier V – ProductWTBachelor102709213
Design Atelier V – IndustrialWTBachelor102709223
Design Atelier V – InnovationWTBachelor102709233
Design Atelier V – Visual CommunicationWTBachelor102709243
Materials in architecture I.WTBachelor32709683
Materials in architecture II.STBachelor32709693
Computer support for architecture I.WTBachelor2709702
Computer support for architecture II.STBachelor2709712
Basic studio IV. – GraphicSTBachelor1388000040
Design Atelier IVSTBachelor988000069
Design Atelier VWTBachelor1088000110
Design Atelier – ProductSTBachelor988000112
Design Atelier IWTBachelor1388000113
Applied Photography I.WTBachelor388000198
Applied Photography II.STBachelor388000199
Light, foundations and principles of lighting IWTBachelor388000224
Light, foundations and principles of lighting IISTBachelor388000225
Overhang of the traditional and digital techniques in its current form illustrationsSTBachelor388000226
Books, magazines and demonstration illustrationWTBachelor388000227
Design Atelier I – Visual Communication NEWWTBachelor1288000257
Design Atelier II – Visual Communication NEWSTBachelor1288000258
Design Atelier III – Visual Communication NEWWTBachelor1388000259
Design Atelier IV – Visual Communication NEWSTBachelor988000260
Design Atelier V – Visual Communication NEWWTBachelor1088000261
Atelier of architecture III.WTMaster162703273
Atelier of urban planningWTMaster52704483
Atelier of town planningWTMaster52704533
Photo Workshop I.WTMaster32705973
Desk Top Publishing II.STMaster32706023
Design and MarketingWTMaster32706033
Main Master Studio II. – GraphicSTMaster172706983
Web Design IWTMaster32709113
Web Design II.STMaster32709123
Design Studio III – InnovationWTMaster212709383
Design Studio III – IndustrialWTMaster212709393
Main Master Studio I. – New MediaWTMaster152709663
Main Master Studio II. – New MediaSTMaster172709673
Design Studio I – ProductWTMaster1888000045
Design Studio I. – IndustrialWTMaster1888000046
Design Studio II – IndustrialSTMaster1888000047
Design Studio II. – ProductSTMaster1888000048
Design Studio II. – Visual CommunicationSTMaster1888000050
Design Studio I – InnovationWTMaster1888000070
Design Studio II. – InnovationSTMaster1888000071
Lighting Design I.WTMaster388000095
Design Studio IWTMaster1888000114
Design Studio IISTMaster1888000115
Design Studio IIIWTMaster2288000116
Design Studio I – Open StudioWTMaster1888000134
Design Studio II – Open StudioSTMaster1888000135
Lighting Design II.STMaster388000138
Theory of New Media II.STMaster388000211
Main Master Studio I. – PaintingWTMaster1588000212
Main Master Studio II. – PaintingSTMaster1888000213
Main Master Studio II. – PaintingSTMaster1788000214
Design Studio I – SpaceWTMaster1888000266
Design Studio II – SpaceSTMaster1888000267
Design Studio III – SpaceWTMaster2188000268