Internship: call for TUKE students to EU countries for the purpose of internship

Mar 26, 2024Students

TUKE Department of International Relations and Mobility announces a call for applications for students interested in Erasmus+ internship. Applications can be submitted to the faculty coordinators until 12.04.2023.

Please note that the earliest possible deadline for mobility is 20.5.2024.

Detailed instructions on the application procedure can be found HERE.


  1. Selection of the institution where the student wants to do the internship – the focus of the partner institution must be related to the student’s field of study. The student can choose the institution of his/her choice or use the offers on the following platform: Traineeship offers can also be found on the following websites:,,,
  2. The student’s application form for Erasmus+ student mobility for the purpose of internship together with all attachments must be submitted to the Faculty ERASMUS+ Coordinator within the specified deadline.
  3. After the successful selection of an enrolled student by his/her faculty, the student will be contacted by the Erasmus+ coordinator regarding a meeting for selected students, where he/she will receive instructions on how to proceed.

More information about Erasmus+ can be found HERE.

More information about the application process can be found HERE.