NEW: Open call for ULYSSEUS staff mobility (including BIP)

Sep 11, 2023Staff, Ulysseus (mobility)

Dear TUKE staff,

The Department of International Relations and Mobility (ÚZVaM) of TUKE opens an open call for Erasmus+ applications for academic, research and non-academic staff of TUKE for Erasmus+ mobility in the academic year 2023/2024 exclusively with the following partner institutions of the Ulysseus Alliance, namely:

  • University of Seville (Spain)
  • University of Genoa (Italy)
  • University of Côte d’Azur (France)
  • MCI Management Centre Inbruck (Austria)
  • University of Applied Sciences Haaga-Helia (Finland)

This call is open to all types of mobility in compliance with the Erasmus+ rules. More information: Types of mobility

How to apply for mobility through the Ulysseus open call:

The applicants submit the completed application form with the attachments listed below to the Erasmus+ faculty coordinator and deliver the original documents to the IRO (Ing. Michaela Blašková, door 120).

Required attachments with the application form:


  • The application form must be signed by the staff member and their supervisor, who by their signature agrees to send the staff member on mobility
  • The Staff Mobility Agreement document must be signed by all 3 parties (participant, TUKE faculty coordinator and the faculty coordinator of the receiving institution)
  • The application form can only be submitted with completed attachments!


The earliest possible date of departure for mobility is 2 weeks from the delivery date of the complete application form (with all attachments) to the IRO. Exceptional permission to shorten this deadline is granted by the Vice-Rector for International Relations and Mobility.



The IRO reserves the right to reject an applicant’s mobility application if the number of applications received exceeds the financial limits of the project.

Academic staff can only apply for an Erasmus+ training mobility if they have also completed an Erasmus+ teaching mobility in the same academic year.


Sponsored activities:

Teaching mobility for the purpose of teaching at a partner university /minimum 8 teaching hours; 2-5 days/,

Mobility of university staff to companies for the purpose of training – exchange of theoretical and practical experience /2-5 days/,

Mobility of administrative, non-teaching and teaching staff of universities to a foreign university for the purpose of training – improvement of their working qualities /2-5 days/.

The Erasmus+ programme will allow mobility for a maximum of 5 working days, Monday to Friday.